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| Last Updated:: 19/05/2015



Preserve Planet Earth through your deeds


Start taking Action at Home  



Use mug instead of running tap while brushing teeth.

While taking bath, don't use shower run for long.

While watering plants, instead of running hose, use water cane.

Don't allow water overflow from the over head tank.

Use a toilet flush which consumes less water.

Don’t buy loud crackers during Deepawali

Carry cloth,jute or paper bag to the market.

For washing floor,Don't use running hose use mop and bucket.

Use dustbin for garbage disposal.

Don't junk things break rather think to fix them.

Plant a garden. Even in urban settings, you can grow herbs and flowers in pots.

Avoid unnecessary use of lights and fans.

Wear extra-layer of clothes at home instead of turning up the heater.

Don't louder the volume of your TV, radio and music system.

While shaving, use mug instead running hose.

Never leave food residue in your plate uneaten.

If you have a choice, pick paper bags over plastic bags at the grocer and elsewhere if you do take plastic bags, wash and reuse them.

Don't over packaged’ goods and foods. Containers and packaging make up about a quarter of the waste stream

Prevention and Control of Vehicular Pollution



Do you really need to drive a car everywhere? Walk to work, or ride a bicycle

Don't use extensively your private vehicles, try to use public transportation whenever possible.

Carpool. Two - or four - can ride as cheaply as one.

Avoid congested road and rush hours.

Get a valid pollution under control certificate from authorized testing centre.

Don’t idle away energy. Beyond one minute, it is more fuel - efficient to restart your car

Clean up your act. Keep automobiles fuel filters clean and save the fuel.

Don't forget to Keep your vehicle tuned up. When a vehicle is running well, it uses nine per cent less fuel and thus emits fewer toxic and noxious fumes.

Clean the air filter and oil filter regularly.

Don't try to replicate mechanical works and experiment with your car.

Clean the carbon deposit from silencer.

Don't forget to replace your old battery with new battery when it required.

Maintain recommended tyre pressure.

Don't use clutch pedal as footrest.