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| Last Updated:: 17/06/2021

Quiz Zone 3




Welcome to Kids Corner!




1. Industry surrounding the bay also contributes to pollution. The bottom of Baltimore Harbor is rich in one heavy metal in particular because there was a manufacturing plant located right next to the water. Which one of these heavy metals is lining the harbor?
a) chromium
b) lead
c) mercury
d) PCB


2. Which of the following statements about power plants is most accurate?
a) Power plants generate more pollution than all the people in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
b) Some power plants are involved in doing really cool stuff to help the Bay and the environment
c) Industries, such as power plants, pose the biggest threat to the Bay
d) To reduce pollution, all power plants should be eliminated


3. In 1970, the Environmental Protection Agency passed the Clean Air Act. It listed "Criteria Pollutants" that are most plaguing our air. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
a) Carbon Monoxide
b) nitrogen oxides
c) acid rain
d) particulate matter


4.Which of the following is NOT a major source of criteria pollutants?
a) Cars
b) Gas Stations
c) Smog
d) wood stoves


5."Run-off" pollution is when :.
a) a bunch of crabs run out of the water and onto the shore, carrying all the water pollutants with them
b) rain carries all pollutants, trash, dirt, and nutrients in its path as it flows into the bay
c) toxic chemicals run off the back of a truck and onto the road
d) d) chemicals accumulate in aquatic plant tissue


6. An effective way to decrease run-off pollution is to:?
a) dig up all plants, bushes, and grasses near your neighborhood stream
b) plug up all the storm drains on the streets so that nothing can get to the bay
c) put concrete on all stream and riverbanks to absorb chemicals before they dump into the bay
d) put my trash in a garbage can, decrease the amount of chemicals my family uses on our lawn and farms, and plant trees, bushes, and plants by streams and rivers