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| Last Updated:: 17/06/2021

Wild Wisdom Quiz




Wild Wisdom Quiz started in the year 2008. It is India's only national wildlife quiz for children. The objective of the quiz is to raise awareness about flora and fauna in India and inculcate a sense of pride amongst students about India's rich natural heritage.


The Quiz is an ideal medium and engagement platform to reach out to young minds at an early stage in their life, and embed the seed of environment conservation through a fun filled and interactive learning experience. With a humble beginning from just one city in India, the quiz has over the years spread its roots in the remotest parts of the country.


For any young student who wants to test his/her knowledge on wildlife and the environment, the Wild Wisdom is the Ultimate Quiz to take.


Given below the year wise quizzes took place in different cities:




WWF-India launches the Wild Wisdom Quiz Book on World Environment Day


WWF-India and Penguin Books India, launched the Wild Wisdom Quiz book to mark World Environment Day. A compilation of 500 quiz questions from the Wild Wisdom Quiz over the years, the book is a treasure of amazing facts and figures about India’s wild and wonderful flora and fauna. The Wild Wisdom Quiz, launched by WWF-India in 2008 has emerged as Asia’s largest wildlife related quiz and the only national level wildlife quiz in India.


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Wild Wisdom Quiz 2010

‘Wild Wisdom Quiz’, held on 21st October 2010 by WWF-India, Bhopal in collaboration with Lake Conservation Authority, Bhopal. The names of the participants were received from 31 schools out of which 21 schools participated. One round of elimination round was conducted at the school level and two participants were chosen from each school. Out of these 21 schools 5 teams were selected by another round of elimination at the spot- Delhi Public School, Sanskar Valley School, St Xaviers School, Jawaharlal Nehru School and St Pauls School for the State Level Quiz.


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 WWF-India conducts the fourth edition of its national level “Wild Wisdom Quiz”


WWF-India conducted the fourth edition of its national level “Wild Wisdom Quiz” in 2011.The quiz is designed to raise awareness about flora and fauna in India and inculcate a sense of pride amongst students about our rich natural heritage. It gives a unique prize - Moving beyond material things the prize is an experiential one - a trip to a national park. 


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The Wild Wisdom Quiz, an initiative of WWF- India and supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) and Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) is India’s only wildlife quiz at the national level. The quiz aims to provide students a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the wildlife of this country, build their interest towards the rich natural legacy and inspire them to work towards its conservation


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Discovery Kids & WWF-India announce winners of Wild Wisdom Quiz 2014; programme to be aired on Discovery Kids channel in November


The Wild Wisdom Quiz in its seventh year reached out to over 15,000 schools and saw enthusiastic participation from over 13,000 students across 30 cities in the country. Organized by WWF-India in association with Discovery Kids.

The national finals of the Discovery Kids and WWF-India Wild Wisdom Quiz 2014 was held today at the WWF-India office in New Delhi. 


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Wild Wisdom Quiz 2015

WWF-India invites your school to participate in the 8th edition of Wild Wisdom, Asia’s largest wildlife quiz. It is an initiative of WWF-India, which is recognized as a Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) activity


The quiz will be conducted in 14 cities in India, reaching out to more than 15,000 schools

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