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| Last Updated: 07/06/2020

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Earth Our 2020


Given the current crisis and the situations we are grappling with, Earth Hour 2020 is now a digital only campaign in India.


This Earth Hour we are asking people to GIVEUP going out, #StayHomeStaySafe and be the Voice For the Planet. The digital campaign is designed in a manner to connect and engage with people locked in their homes. We are asking people to:


1.        Be the Voice for the Planet: Inspired individuals take their GIVEUP to give back pledge and lend their voice for the planet by recording and sharing their video message. We urge all staff members and their families to #StayHomeStaySafe and record their voice for the planet, while maintaining social distancing, to inspire the world outside. Click to see reference video . A draft script is attached for reference. Please feel free to customize it the way you want to, keeping the central thought the same


2.       Take the Step Up for the Planet Challenge: Grammy award composer, Ricky Kej has specially created a music score for us for this Earth Hour. We are using this score to ask young people to do their innovative dance moves for the planet. This we believe will get us into doing some physical exercise, helping lift spirit during lockdown. Young people and children in your home will love it! Click here to see how to participate in the StepUpForThePlanet Challenge We’ve also sent you a sample video of the StepUp challenge for inspiration!


3.       Discover the GIVEUP Warrior in you: To keep it engaging and fun we created special GIVEUP characters for Earth Hour 2020. Say hello to these interesting characters ( attached with the mail) who have taken it upon themselves to inspire a better planet. There are social media tag challenges available on Instagram to acknowledge and celebrate people who are for the planet while inspiring others to follow. Check them out and discover the planet superhero in you!


4.      Earth Hour Quiz: Take the Earth Hour quiz and brag about your score on social media (or maybe not J) At the end of it, if you didn’t already know them all, you’ll learn a little more about the planet and share the knowledge with others.


5.       Switch Off: And yes don’t forget to Switch Off! Yes on the 28th March 2020 between 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm and share with us what you did during the hour as a family. Remember to share your switch off pictures and preferably videos and we shall feed them into the International Earth Hour closing video for the night. Just WhatsApp us or share on social media tagging us @wwfindia


We thank you in advance for your support. Please stay home and stay safe and let’s celebrate the planet in these challenging times.


Panda Out!


EH Team