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| Last Updated:29/05/2020

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3rd tiger found dead in Assam these months

                                                                                   Hindustan Times, Guwahati, 27th February,  2013

Forest guards in north central Assam Orang National Park recovered the carcass of an adult Royal Bengal tigress on Tuesday.

It was the third tiger believed to have been poisoned this month by villagers adjoining the 78.81 sq km park, 150 km northeast of Guwahati.

Divisional forest officer Sushil Kumar Dalia said the carcass of the 10 year old tigress was found near the Panchnoi No. 2 anti-poaching camp on the eastern edge of the park. Foul smell in the air led the forests guards to the tigress that died a few days ago," he added.


Forest guards in Arunachal Pradesh shot a domesticated male elephant after it trampled six people to death. Those killed were labourers engaged in road construction at Likabali in West Siang district. “The elephant killed four people and damaged some houses on Monday.

It killed two person on Tuesday," said N.N. Jhasa, principal chief conservator of forests (Wildlife), Arunachal Pradesh.