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| Last Updated:29/05/2020

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Tiger found electrocuted in Badhavgarh

                                                                                              The Times of India, Katni, 26th February, 2013
A tiger was found electrocuted in a farm 45 km off Badhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh On Monday According to eyewitnesses, the tiger was found dead in a patch of uncultivated land.

Owner of the field Santosh Kumar Tiwari denied having anything to do with the incident, "The complicity between forest officials and mafia is to blame.

The tiger was in the area for more than a month and it was reported to local officials but no one took action. This gave the poachers enough time to plan the killing," he said. Chief conservator forest, Katni, M K Khan denied possibility of tiger poaching. Khan said that the trap could have been laid for wild boar or a deer. The officer also said that the land did not come within the jurisdiction of forest department. Three tigers and one leopard has been killed in the area in the past three months. Officials have ruled out any new action plan till an officials probe was completed. Experts suspect the hand of an organized gang behind these successive killings.