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| Last Updated:22/04/2020

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Delhi Zoo tiger dies of organ failure

                                                                                                        The Hindu, New Delhi, 29th May, 2013

The last Royal Bengal tiger at Delhi Zoo has died of multiple organ failure due to its  old age. According to zoo officials, 20-year old Ramu died on Monday evening  after he turned immobile for the last few months.

"He was suffering  from various age related  problems for the last few months and was being treated regularly for that he succumbed on Monday due to lung, liver and kidney failure, the zoo veterinarian Paneer Selvam said.

With Ramu's death the Delhi Zoo is now left four Royal Bengal tigresses Rani, Xingxing, Priya and Kunti.

A Royal Bengal tiger has a life span of around 16-18 years in the wild, while in captivity they may live up to age of  20-21.

Ramu was born and brought up in captivity at Indore zoo and was brought to the National Zoological Park only in 1999,"  Delhi Zoo curator Riyaz Ahmed Khan said.

"We are planning  to replace Ramu's loss by bringing in a tiger from somewhere, so that we can start with our breeding process, he said.