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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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IIT Roorkee seeks rs.2cr fee for Yamuna restoratiion plan

Hindustan Times, New Delhi, 3th April, 2013

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee has sought six months and Rs. 2 crore as consultancy charges to prepare a complete plan for the restoration of Yamuna river. The Supreme Court had in December, last year, asked the directors of IIT, Delhi and Roorkee to prepare a new project for cleaning the Yamuna.

In response to the SC order, the Ministry of Environment and Forest constituted a committee following which IIT, Roorkee submitted a conceptual plan to clean the river. The Ministry has submitted the plan before SC along with an affidavit informing the court about IIT’s demand for consultancy charges.

In its conceptual plan, IIT Roorkee has suggested construction of a parallel drain along the right bank of river Yamuna from Wazirabad barrage to Okhla barrage joining the Agra canal. This drain shall intercept effluents from all the drains and divert to Agra canal directly after due treatment.

As per the plan, the envisaged parallel drain will also be equipped to release storm water during the monsoon.

It has also been suggested to enhance storage of rain water in the river. The necessary storage capacity may be obtained either through the existing barrage or by constructing a new one. For the improvement of sewerage system, the plan advises preparation of comprehensive GIS and data-based complete sewage system including other sewer lines, pumping stations, outfall, interceptors and storm water drains.

The proposed plan will soon be considered by SC that has on several occasions expressed displeasure at civic bodies’ failure to clean the Yamuna.