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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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Non-conventional energy sources subsidised

Tribune ,New Delhi, 19th June, 2013

In a bid to boost non-conventional energy as an alternative source of power generation, the Punjab Government has announced a subsidy bonanza under different schemes of the Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA).

Ludhiana Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tiwari today stated that it was the need of the hour to motivate general public to opt for non-conventional energy sources as it was very difficult to mitigate the current need of power through conventional sources only because the requirement had increased manifold in the recent past.

Appreciating the efforts of PEDA in striving hard for developing and promoting new non-conventional energy sources under various attractive and people-friendly schemes, Tiwari said PEDA had successfully installed 73 domestic solar water heaters with a daily heating capacity of 100-500 litres. A subsidy of Rs 12.32 lakh is being given on these. It has also installed 20 commercial solar water heaters having a capacity of 1,000-3,000 litres.

The Deputy Commissioner said PEDA was also providing subsidy of Rs 4,500 on tube collector solar heater of 100 litres capacity and Rs 6,600 subsidy on plate collector solar heater.

Each domestic solar heater system can save more than 100 units of power every month. A subsidy of 30 per cent is being given on solar cookers.

He said the cost of a parabolic solar cooker which could cook food for 100 persons was Rs 2.88 lakh and a subsidy of Rs 86,400 was being given on it. Tiwari said, "We must use solar energy to save our conventional overloaded power sources."