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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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Polluting diesel generators to be confiscated

Tribune (New Delhi), 19th June, 2013

All SDMs of Mohali district have been directed to seize diesel generators sets which are causing air and noise pollution and are being operated without clearance from the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB).
During a recent survey carried out in different parts of Mohali, it was found that most of the generator sets being used in certain areas were creating air and noise pollution.

Sources said that Additional Deputy Commissioner Parveen Kumar Thind had yesterday shot off a letter to the SDMs of Mohali, Kharar and Dera Bassi, directing them to seize all generator sets which were causing pollution and to use which permission had not been sought from the authorities. He had stated in the letter that notices should be issued to the offenders before seizing the generator sets.

Thind stated in the letter that since a survey of only four areas had been completed, a survey of the remaining markets and other commercial areas should be completed as soon as possible. Notices should also be issued to all violators and shops/occupants stating as to why action under the
National Green Tribunal Act should not be taken against them for violating the orders of the Tribunal.
Sources said during a survey carried out in the Phase II market on May 17, it was seen that 18 shopkeepers were using diesel generator sets. Fourteen of these sets were old models which created air and noise pollution. The year of manufacture was not mentioned on even a single set and 12 of these did not even bear the name of the manufacturer.

However, the position was different in the comparatively smaller market of Phase IIIA where the survey was carried out on May 14. Out of the eight shops inspected, six had generator sets. Five of these were the type which did not create noise pollution.