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| Last Updated:22/04/2020

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After 20 years, bison sighted at Kaziranga

                                                                                         The Indian Express, New Delhi, 6th May, 2013

Indian bison, believed to have been wiped out of Kaziranga National Park in Assam, has been sighted after a gap of about 20 years, with the authorities also getting an animal photographed during a routine camera trapping exercise carried out to monitor Royal Bengal tigers in the park.

"We had almost written off the existence of bison in Kaziranga because not a single one was sighted or even reported in the past two decades or more. The last time Kaziranga had a record of bisons was in the rhino census of 1978 when we counted 25 of them. But our hopes have been revived now that we found an adult male bison captured in photographs when it happened to walk in front of a camera," N K Basu, senior director of Kaziranga National Park, said over the telephone.

The bison was caught on camera on April 19, but was discovered only a couple of days ago after the camera team carried out routine periodical check of the visuals recorded. The bison was spotted between the Rutikhowa and Bimoli Tiniali anti-poaching camps in the Bagori range of the park.

Park authorities said the loss of vital connectivity between the Kaziranga grasslands and the highlands of Karbi Anglong district due to human pressure was one reason that had led to the rapid depletion of bison population in the national park.