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| Last Updated:22/04/2020

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Children Who Took Part In The TOI-CEE Initiative To Think Of Ideas To Save Sabarmati Unleashed A Green Vision

                                                                                     The Times of India, Ahmadabad. 22th April, 2013

For the many children, aged between five and 12 years, who had gathered at the lush green campus of the Centre for Environment Education (CEE) with their paintbrushes, it was an opportunity to splash their imagination on what they wished to see of the otherwise dry and polluted Sabarmati riverbed. And when bright colours made it to the drawing sheets, vibrancy returned to the Sabarmati with birds flying and people idling on the riverfront as the river flowed bank to bank.

Another set of students showed the 'garbage demon' strangulating aquatic life in the Sabarmati waters. The TOI-CEE initiative, which marked the Earth Day, also saw hundreds of Amdavadis taking a pledge to save rivers in the state as part of 'My City My River' campaign. Teenagers and adults participated in drawing, debate, quiz competitions and other activities organized on the campus. An interesting nature photography workshop was also organized on the occasion.

The quiz took place in two phases with St Kabir School, Prakash High School and Udgam School emerging winners. The citizens later took pledge not to litter the river with garbage and to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Anuradha Barve, a professional who had come to the event with her two daughters, said that the need of the hour is to imbibe good practices from young age.