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The pride of Gujarat relocates

                                                                                      The Times of India, Ahmadabad, 17th April, 2013

The Supreme Court's verdict to shift the pride of Gujarat, the Gir lions, to Madhya Pradesh has taken many by surprise. While some are concerned about the fact that Gujarat stands to lose the only abode for the royal Asiatic lions, others are concerned about the safety of the animal.

Devang Patel
This decision is going to affect the animal. It's not a court, a state government or central government to decide whether they should be migrated, wildlife experts should take such decisions.

Purvi Doshi
What the court has decided is the right thing to do. But the only reason they should be relocated is their safety. We should think of their secured future.

Pooja Gor
Gir lions have been one of the prime attractions of Gujarat. It is a sad move for Gujarat. But we can't do anything about these decisions.

Aishwarya Majmudar
Gir lions have been a pride of Gujarat, and have made a place in our hearts. But still, if it helps the lions, then we should definitely let it happen.

Isheta Sarckar
Lions, have been a pride of Gujarat and will always remain so. That doesn't change by shifting them to some other state. They should be at a place where they are safe and have a better future.

Sanat Shodhan
There is no need for such a relocation. The records and numbers have been positive in the recent past with tourism revenues and even the number of lions increasing. If the numbers were fluctuating alarmingly, then this would have made sense. But to shift them without reason is uncalled for.

Anshuman Gaekwad
Instead of relocating, why can't the concerned departments think of steps to take better care of these lions? A review petition needs to be filed. Besides, given the instances of widespread poaching, is there any guarantee that relocating them to another state would ensure safety of these animals? This is like running away from the main problem and shifting it instead of arriving at a solution!

Kiran More
The whole world has recognized and appreciated Gujarat's efforts to protect these lions. So, it's a little surprising why they suddenly feel the need for all these changes. In fact, the other states where these lions will be shifted may initially find it difficult to do as good a job as Gujarat has done over so many years.

Nayan Mongia
Gir lions are the pride of Gujarat. Why shift them from their motherland? I think the Gujarat government will file a review petition. The authorities here should aggressively represent their case.

Rohit Roy
I don't think the Supreme Court is showing a state-bias with this judgment. It is important that lions are shifted wherever they survive and thrive better. It is relevant that this species survives in better climatic conditions and with proper care.
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Manav Gohil
While I understand what many people in Gujarat are feeling after the decision, it's important that we look at the other side of the argument too. The authorities have arrived at the decision after conducting a proper study. We should understand that the decision is aimed at changing things for the better.

Mallika Sarabhai
Such decisions need to be made ecologically and scientifically and not politically. The protection of a species is important and they should be housed where they will flourish.

Yatin Sangoi
This issue is taking a political turn as the chief minister of MP said that it's a feather in his cap. But it's not a bad idea to relocated some lions to a similar habitat.

Pooja Chaurushi
We should protect our Lions. We should not fight over where they go but we should concentrate only on giving them a favorable habitat. This move will affect Gujarat's tourism but our lions and their safety should be the priority.

Mona Thiba
Gir is home to Asiatic lions in India. And there is no guarantee that the lions will be safe in the Kuno Palpur sanctuary. Definitely, it is going to affect the state's USP.

Hitu Kanodia
The USP of the state as an abode for lions will be affected, of course. Lions represent, Gir, gaurav and Gujarat.