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| Last Updated:22/04/2020

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Special protection force to deal with anti-wildlife activities

                                                                                                    The Pioneer, New Delhi, 6th May, 2013

The State forest department is going to set up a special protection force (SPF) to deal with anti-wildlife activities in recently set up Nandhaur wildlife sanctuary and others parts in the western circle of the Kumaon division.

Recent incidents of killing of endangered wild animals like tiger in terai-west forest division, recovery of a consignment of ivory pieces from the same division in recent past to name a few incidents seem to have also prompted the forest department to set up the SPF and play a proactive role in countering such anti-wildlife activities in this hitherto sensitive terai landscape of the mountain State.

We have decided to set up the SPF to deal with anti- wildlife activities particularly in western circle’s Haldwani and terai-east forest division, assuming a proactive role against the poachers, said Sameer Sinha, Chief Conservator of Forest (CCF), western circle of the Kumaon division, while talking to The Pioneer.

Though efforts are on to strengthen our intelligence and anti-poaching mechanism that have also shown results of late, a special protection force would definitely help to deal with such anti-wildlife activities, Sinha expressed hope.

There are 20 people with expertise in dealing with anti-wildlife activities in forests in this SPF and the SPF is being equipped with necessary  required facilities so that they could take on such

anti-wildlife elements like poachers in jungle, the CCF, western circle added.

It is worth mention here that the need for developing the Nandhuar valley in the Haldwani forest division as wildlife sanctuary became necessary when the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India, set it as a precondition for allowing collection of the riverbed materials from the Gola  and other rivers in the Kumaon division last year.

As usual when no progress was made on this project by the authorities concerned of the Uttarakhand Government, except doing some paper works for the past one year or so, the Ministry for the Environment and Forest again in November/December last year set it as a precondition for allowing collection of the riverbed materials from the  Gola and other rivers in the Kumaon division.

Now as the officials concerned of the  forest department claim to have made certain formalities in regard to developing the Nandhaur valley as wildlife sanctuary,  following delay in granting fund for the same project much has not been done on this newly setup Naundhaur wildlie sanctuary.