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| Last Updated:22/04/2020

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Renewable power use short of requirement

                                                                                           The Times of India, New Delhi, 22th April, 2013

Delhi has a renewable power obligation of 2% which means that of its entire power supply, 2% must come from renewable sources. Of this, 0.25% should be solar power. This power Delhi may purchase or produce itself but sources say that it will take another 2-3 years before discoms are able to implement this.

Delhi has a peak demand of about 5,000MW, which means that it would need to source 12.5MW through solar. However, its present capacity is about 2MW. The government has been focusing on commercial buildings, schools, hospitals and its own office so far but with prices of solar equipment having fallen in past six months and the government anticipating a lesser price difference between conventional power and solar power, environment department officials say they will shortly start promoting it for domestic usage as well.
 For solar water heating, there was a subsidy being provided by Delhi government and another by the ministry of new and renewable energy. While the latter is continuing, the one by Delhi government is under review. "We started this subsidy in 2008 and wanted to see how it was working. It has not been stopped and is only under review," said sources in the environment department.

Due to its location, Delhi can adopt only solar power and because of land shortage, it can go for only roof-top panels. A policy was being planned for domestic users wherein they could produce solar power on their rooftops and feed the additional power into the grid. The policy was shelved and the domestic potential in Delhi has been largely untapped.