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| Last Updated:22/04/2020

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3 elephants found dead

Three elephants have been found dead in different areas of Assam, reports PTI from Guwahati quoting official sources on Sunday.

The carcass of a wild elephant with its trunk, tail and tusk removed, was recovered from a reserve forest in Assam`s Kamrup (Metro) district on Sunday, forest of facials said.

An adult male elephant was electrocuted when it touched a 440 KV electric wire the Bhimorali area in Kopili forest range in Nagaon district while it was crossing the road with a herd of tuskers on Saturday.

In another incident, an elephant was found dead at Thulungiar in udalguri near the Indu-Bhutan border on Saturday and it was suspected to have died due to old age. Meanwhile, a woman was trampled to death by an elephant on Saturday night at Sonaikuchi hill in Morigaon district.

                                                                             Deccan Herald, New Delhi, 17th December, 2012