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| Last Updated:22/04/2020

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MP shifts 94 villages to facilitate National parks

The Madhya Pradesh government has shifted 94 villages from areas of national parks and sanctuaries in the state.

According to an official release, the state has 10 notified national parks and 25 sanctuaries, including Kanha, Pench, Bandhavgarh, Satpura, Panna and Sanjay Tiger Reserve.

The people living in protected areas have to face a lot of problems, like loss of human and cattle life as well as crops due to wild animals.

Sale and purchase of land is prohibited in these areas under the provisions of the Wildlife Conservation Act, while the Supreme Court has prohibited collection of small forest produce and firewood, cutting of trees and construction of house there.

Madhya Pradesh forest minister Sartaj Singh said that there were only 821 villages at the time of issuance of notification. Following resettlement of these villages, 192 out of remaining 730 villages will be preserved as enclaves while 426 villages will be shifted after re-fixation of boundaries of protected areas, said the forest minister.

Thus, only 112 remaining villages situated in protected areas will be actually resettled, said Singh.

A writ has been filed in the Supreme Court appealing to allow re-fixation of boundaries and shift villages situated on the periphery and preserve villages situated in extremely interior of the protected areas as `enclaves` where man-animal co-existence is possible.

As per the proposed schemes, three out of 112 villages have been resettled. of the remaining 109 villages, 89 are situated in core areas of tiger reserves.

As per fixation of 10 lakh per unit rate fixed by the Centre for shifting families from protected area, a sum of 3,131.40 crore will be required. For as many as 8,677 families residing in 85 villages in Tiger Reserve areas, 2,603.10 crore will be needed to shift these families, assuming average three units in each family, which would be provided by the National Tiger Conservation Authority, new Delhi.

Similarly, 528.30 crore will be needed to shift 1,761 families living in 24 villages situated in areas of national parks and sanctuaries.

                                                                   The Financial World, Bhopal, 19th December, 2012