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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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MP, UP keep watch as Panna tiger strays

A male tiger which has strayed from Madhya Pradesh to Uttar Pradesh is keeping forest officials in both states on tenterhooks as they are waiting for orders from the National Tiger Conservation Authority. On the one hand they are worried about possible man-animal conflict and on the other, the very real threat posed by poachers to the 26-year-old big cat from Panna Tiger Reserve.

The tiger, identified as 211, strayed from the park on August 23 and moved through Damoh, Chhatarpur and Sagar before being seen in Lalitpur (UP) in areas which don’t have big cats. Since the tiger has not returned to the park after more than four months, both states are monitoring its movements, but the NTCA will have to take a call on whether and when to tranquilise it and release it in a low density reserve in UP.

                                                                            The Indian Express, New Delhi, 1st January, 2013