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| Last Updated:29/05/2020

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Students pledge to protect wildlife & save the stripes

                                                                                                    The Telegraph, Kolkata, 29th April, 2013

La Martiniere for Girls hosted a fest with a difference. Along with the usual dose of music and masti, there was a message too for everyone — save the stripes.

Kids for Tigers fest, presented by Aircel and Sanctuary Asia and supported by NGO Faces, saw students of around 300 students from 20 schools, including La Martiniere for Boys, St. James’ School, Birla High School for Boys and MP Birla Foundation besides the hosts, turning up to pledge their support for the cause.

From reciting poems on tigers to taking part in an open quiz on environment and designing posters with save-tiger messages, the students went all out to protect tigers.

“We have the choice to either protect the animals and live in an ecologically balanced environment or to live alone. If we continue killing animals, by 2090 almost all animals will be extinct,” said Mrinmoy Chatterjee, a Class XI student at St. Joseph’s College. Students of the school presented a skit that warned the audience animals would soon end up as museum exhibits.

“There are people who take pride in decorating their homes with tiger trophies or tiger skin carpets. If they stop this false show of aristocracy and stop purchasing such stuff, then killing of tigers is bound to reduce because if there is no demand there will be no production,” said Vedika Agarwal, a Class XI student at La Martiniere for Girls.

A tiger dance and skit performed by tribals from Odisha had the students enthralled. The performance showed the power and the wrath of a tiger and its ferocity through the story of a hunter who wanted to kill a tiger and become rich.

Cheers filled the auditorium when the tiger killed the hunter. “I loved the message and the enactment of the hunter being killed by the tiger. We strongly believe in the importance of saving tigers and our wildlife and thus we actively contributed in the initiative taken by La Martiniere for Girls,” said Karan Tibrewal, a member of the nature club at La Martiniere for Boys. “Students should come to the forefront and do something to preserve our natural resources,” schoolmate Keshav Chowdhury added.

“This programme has infused a sense of responsibility in us and made us realise that it is time we took a step to protect our animals,” said Parnika Modi, general secretary of the nature club at La Martiniere for Girls.

Rupkatha Sarkar, the vice-principal of La Martiniere for Girls, was all praise for the initiative. “As human beings, we have the responsibility as stewards and custodians to supervise the health of our environment. It is only right that we take the initiative to protect the endangered species. We hope that the younger generation will be inspired to take up the cause for conservation of the species.”