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| Last Updated:22/04/2020

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Call for CBI probe into deer meat racket

The Asian Age, Guwahati, 10th April, 2013

With the CBI accepting the probe into rhino killings in Kaziranga National Park, the Bodoland Territorial Council may also ask for investigation into a flourishing racket in deer meat in Assam.

Pointing out that at least three rhinos have fallen trap to poachers in Manas National Park also, Bodoland Territorial Council deputy chief Khampa Borgiyari told this newspaper that rampant killing of deer in Manas Tiger Reserve has become a major area of concern for them.

Regretting that a section of corrupt bureaucrats and leaders are patronising the poaching of deer, Mr Borgiyari said unless the buyers of deer meat are brought to book, it would be difficult to stop poaching of wild animals.

He said that deer meat is not sold in the open market but poachers have a chain of buyers who are delivered at home.

“We have verified it at our level that majority of buyers are rich people. It includes corrupt bureaucrats and leaders of Guwahati. They are supplied deer meat on premium,” Mr Borgiyari said, adding that they want the CBI to probe this racket as well.

Asserting that deer meat has become a status symbol for a large section of people in Guwahati and other parts of the state, Mr Borgyari, also a wildlife lover, said, “Even after all serious attempt of the forest department to stop poaching of deer, it was rampant in western Assam.”