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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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2 tigers worry election officers

The Asian Age, 25 November, 2013

Sighting of two tigers, at least one of them from the Pench Tiger Reserve, who have crossed over and have been seen roaming in the revenue area and fragmented forest corridor of Amarwara and Chourai in Chhindwara district in the past few days, have become a matter of serious concern for poll officials.

Officers posted on election duty and villagers, who will have to walk through the area on Monday to cast their votes for the Assembly elections, are worried about the presence of the two tigers.

According to information received here, there have been reports of cattle killing in the revenue area, classified as “Chote-bade Jhad ka jungle (land with small shrubs and big trees)” in the Amarvada area. About five days ago another tiger from Pench also crossed over to the Chourai range.

When contacted, the CEO of Central Indian Highlands Wildlife Film Festival, Abhinandan Shukla, was emphatic in pointing out that tiger conservation deserves a holistic approach and the management of its habitat.

Adequate resource mobilisation and deployment of trained manpower should receive focused attention even outside tiger reserves and protected areas, Mr Shukla said, adding that there was need to protect forest corridors from encroachment and excessive pressure due to reckless forest produce collection.

If this is not checked on priority there is bound to be a rise in man-animal conflict, he pointed out.