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| Last Updated:12/09/2020

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Bid to create more water for animals

                                                                                                           The Hindu, Chennai, 25th April, 2013

In light of recent incidents of animals straying into human habits for water, steps are being initiated to create temporary and permanent water sources in forest areas, according to the minister for forests, K.T. Pachaimal.

The minister, who inspected the Vedanthangal bird sanctuary on Wednesday, said the animals’ search for drinking water was the prime reason behind the recent incidents reported in different parts of the State.

Stating that in the majority of such incidents the animals were rescued from open irrigation wells, Mr. Pachaimal recalled the drinking water source-creation project implemented by Chief Minister Jayalalithaa-led AIADMK government in 1990s in forests. Under the project, ground-level open water tanks were constructed.

Minor check dams were also created in forest areas and water was pumped into them from nearby groundwater sources.

Grass and other shrubs were also being grown to prevent them from moving away from forests in search of food, he added.

Inspecting the steps initiated by the wildlife department to retain a minimum level of water in the Vedanthangal lake, the minister discussed various steps to ensure maintenance of an adequate level of water in the lake during the migration period as well as during the extended period of stay of migratory birds.