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| Last Updated:22/04/2020

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New Panel to monitor Dwarka water bodies

Hindustan Times, New Delhi, 10th June, 2013

Ahead of the approaching monsoon, lieutenant governor Tejendra Khanna has ordered formation of a monitoring committee of residents and activists for conservation of water bodies across Dwarka.

The move comes after a group of residents from Dwarka Sector 22, 23 and Pochanpur village met the L-G on June 7 and submitted a request to draw up, before the arrival of monsoons, a comprehensive action plan for restoration of all water bodies.

The residents’ group also made a powerpoint presentation regarding their efforts to save and restore the Pochanpur village water body in the district park Sector 23.     

Hearing their case, the L-G ordered regular and proper cleaning of the stormwater drains; diversion of storm water drains from the area into the water bodies, de-silting of water bodies and ponds as well as preservation of areas around the water bodies. He also ordered that sewage flowing into any of the water body be subjected to treatment.

The L-G also formed a committee for rejuvenation of the water bodies. It was also decided that SR Solanki, Delhi Development Authority’s chief engineer for Dwarka, would convene the meeting and the report the action taken in this regard, which will be sent to the L-G.

Along with Solanki, Dwarka residents Captain SS Maan and scientist Dr Shashank Shekhar will be a part of the committee,” said Diwan Singh, a Dwarka resident and also a member of this committee, and convenor of Natural Heritage First, an NGO.