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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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Man found walking jackal like dog, flees when questioned

The Times of India, Mumbai, 14th June, 2013

A jackal was rescued from a city garden on Wednesday evening by a group of NGO workers after a man was spotted walking the animal like a dog. The jackal was rescued from Elephant Garden in front of Chetana College, Bandra (East), where a man was walking it on a chain. When questioned, the walker insisted that the animal was a dog. However, he soon left the animal behind and fled the scene. The jackal was later handed over to Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP) authorities.

The drama unfolded at around 5pm when a social worker, Fanus Syeed, saw the man walking what looked like an exotic breed of dog. Thinking it an Alaskan Husky, Syeed took a closer look and became convinced it wasn't a dog. The man, however, insisted it was a dog. Syeed then alerted members of the NGO Eco-Echo, who immediately reached the garden.

 "As people crowded around the animal and an argument ensued over its breed, the walker left the animal behind and fled the park," said zoologist Nitin Walmiki, who works with Eco-Echo. Walmiki said a thorough examination of the animal showed that it was an Indian jackal, or canis aureus indicus.

Eye-witnesses said the jackal was about five months old and seemed used to human company. "It was very calm and composed. We didn't even need to put a muzzle on it," said Walmiki. "This is a clear case of misusing a wild animal as a pet," he added.

The Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) was contacted for further action. "There was no doubt that the animal was a jackal and a property of state wildlife. We handed it over to SGNP officials," said Santosh Shinde, special officer, WCCB. "It is mysterious as to how the jackal ended up with the man. It is even more surprising that he was walking it in the city, around human establishments, like one would walk a dog." SGNP officials confirmed that the rescued jackal was handed over to them. It is being kept under watch until it can be released in the wild.

Wildlife enthusiasts pointed out that jackals have often been spotted near Dahisar Creek. They live in the forest but often wander near the creek. "This has often been reported to forest officials, but to no avail," said a wildlife observer. "This looks like a jackal was stolen from there and sold in the city."