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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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Threat to tigers in Karnataka (Oct)

Business Standard, Mysore, 11th October, 2013

The Karnataka Forest Department is seeing a threat to tigers in the forests of Karnataka from some campers aiming at hunting tigers. According to a report, 3-4 groups of families from the northern region are camping in Karnataka with an intention to hunt tigers with the help of 'jaw traps' in the forests of the State.

According to the report received recently, the Maharashtra police had arrested an accused who has in connection with a wildlife case. The accused is said to have revealed that 3-4 teams from Maharashtra, Allahabad and other parts of North India would hunt tigers with the help of 'jaw traps' in th forests of Karnataka. The teams have come with their families and will camp at bus stands, railway stations or open areas of schools and colleges in the outskirts by pitching tents to trap wild tigers. They have been reported to be engaging themselves selling plastic flowers during the day-time, Forest Mobile Squad Police Sub-Inspector M.C. Rajasekhar said on Thursday.

Such persons hunted wild animals adopting various devices for the sake of their flesh, skin and other body parts for the production of jewellery, fans, walking sticks and brushes, among others. Rajasekharhas also appealed to the public to inform the Department of any information they receive about the intruders to help protect wildlife.