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| Last Updated:29/05/2020

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Tiger found dead in Melghat, five questioned (Oct)

The Indian Express, Nagpur, 11th October, 2013

A tiger was found dead in Anjangaon range of Melghat on Wednesday. Officials have detained five people of Chichkhed.

"The carcass was found in a decomposed condition, covered with soil and a felled tree, on the border of village where the forest begins. Two of its canines and some claws were found missing," according to Chief COnservator of Forests (Amravati) Mohan Jha.

The skin was decomposed, but bones are intact, so possibility of poaching is ruled out," he added. "Fifteen days ago, a tiger had attacked a man in the village, who was grievously  injured and hospitalised by us. 

He has recovered. When we asked him again today, he said he had hit the tiger with the axe in his hand and that his buffalo too had hit the tiger with horns.

We think the tiger must have got injured and later succumbed to injuries, " Jha said.

He said inquiries revealed that villagers had found the tiger dead and had advised the adjacent farm owner to just cover it up to avoid trouble.

Jha later said villagers had taken away claws and canines and had returned them.