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| Last Updated:25/03/2020

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4 more species discovered in Valmiki Tiger Reserve

The Times of India, Patna (Motihari), 17 August,  2013
Four more species were detected recently in the Valmiki Tiger Reserve (VTR) in West Champaran district. A crab-eating mongoose, a yellow -throated marten, a Himalayan serow and a hoary-bellied squirrel were captured in camera traps placed in the forest by the state environment and forests department, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Wildlife Trust of India (WTI). 
VTR director Santosh Tiwari said, "Over the last two months, we have discovered three new species with the help of camera traps in the Harnatand region of the forest."
A hoary- bellied squirrel was also traced in photographs taken earlier by Samir kumar Sinha Bihar region head of Wildlife Trust of India (WTI).
None of these four including the squirrel were mentioned in the latest annual records published by the Zoological Survey of India, which mentioned 53 species of mammals. 
Sinha said that VTR, the lone tiger reserve of Bihar, has always been a paradise for wildlife. 
He said, "When we started working in the reserve area there was hardly any information even on the Royal Bengal Tiger. This discovery in the VTR has excited us." 
Kamlesh Kumar Maurya, the WWF manager, said that the crab-eating mongoose, listed in schedule 3 of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, is a mongoose species found in the north east and south-east Asia. The Yellow-throated marten has a stable population across Asia. It is also called honey dog for its fondness for sweet. 
The Himalayan serow, listed as near threatened, is a goat antelope native to the Himalayas. 
The wild mammals found in the VTR are tiger rhinoceros, black bear, leopard, wild buffalo, wild boar and the spotted deer. Besides, 241 bird species have been found in the Valmiki Tiger Reserve.