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| Last Updated:23/01/2020

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UAVs To track down maneater

The Asian Age, Lucknow, 21 Feb 2014
UP forest officials have now deployed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to track the movement of a tigress that has turned into a maneater and has devoured ten person so far in Bijnor district. 
Forest officials are confident that with the help of UAVs, they will be able to locate the animal and set up traps to capture her. A team of wildlife experts from Allahabad is now camping in Bijnor to help forest officials track down the tigress. These UAVs can be steered using a remote control. Interestingly, BSP MLA Mohammad Ghazi has also launched a hunt for the tigress that seems to have strayed from the Corbett National Park. The MLA said that it was his duty to save his people from the maneater.