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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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Tiger missing from Ramgarh sanctuary

The Times of India, Bundi, 6th March, 2014
A tiger has been missing from the Ramgarh wildlife sanctuary since the past week, forest department officials said on Wednesday. 
The tiger who was moved from Ranthambore tiger reserve the forests of Talwas in Ramgarh sanctuary, in August last year has been missing since the past week, the officials said. 
"No activity or movement has been recorded of the tiger since February 26 and teams have been deployed to the trace the missing tiger," Rakesh Sharma, District Forest Officer (DFO), Kota said. 
Tiger may have disappeared in the deep forests due to change in climate in recent days, he added. 
However, a wildilfe activist Vittal Sanadhaya said that every tiger has its route chart and it gets back to its destination  on the same. 
"So the tiger might have returned  to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve as per its route chart," Sanadhaya said.