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| Last Updated:07/06/2021

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TRS mulls Joint Security Board for Hyderabad (Nov)

The New Indian Express, New Delhi, 1st November, 2013
Correspondent :
TRS seniors and former bureaucrats from Telangana, under the leadership of party supremo K Chandrashekar Rao, have been in a marathon exercise to finalise the proposals to deal with issues arising out of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, to be submitted to the Group of Ministers.
Though the stance of the pink party on the status of Hyderabad after bifurcation is very clear, according to sources, one of the various proposals being considered by the TRS leadership is constitution of a security board comprising chief secretaries, DGPs, home secretaries and Central government representatives to oversee the administration of law and order in Hyderabad for a period of 10 years, during which the city will be the common capital of both states.
TRS feels this mechanism will help allay the fears of Seemandhra people in Hyderabad. The functions, powers and responsibilities of the board can be defined by the two state governments and the Centre, the party opines.
As TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao is giving final touches to the memorandum, the suggestions might change by the time the party finalises the memorandum. According to party sources, party seniors will submit the memorandum to Union home minister Susheel Kumar Shinde in a day or two.
The proposals include:
Telangana state should have 10 districts with Hyderabad as its permanent capital as resolved by the Union Cabinet.
Residuary state of AP can conveniently function from a set of decent, dignified and spacious outfits located in close proximity within the city of Hyderabad. The Telangana state, with Hyderabad as its permanent capital, would of course, continue to function from existing outfits.
Overall policing of Telangana, including Hyderabad city, must remain with its government. Legitimate authority of the new state over the entire police force would enhance its morale.
Independent high courts should be set up for each successor state immediately. It would also be just and fair to have a separate bar council for the new Telangana state. Provisions facilitating this must be included in the proposed bill.
Legitimate share awarded by Bachawat Commission to Telangana in Krishna river water is 298 tmc and in Godavari river 900 tmc. TRS accepts these awards and would also insist on using the full and legitimate share without any compromise in the immediate future.
The final award of Brijesh Kumar Tribunal be held in abeyance till the State of Telangana makes its own submission and claim a just share of surplus waters being divided by the tribunal. Further, the physical work on Polavaram project should commence only after environmental issues, including wildlife and resettlement of tribals in Orissa, Chhattisgarh and Telangana are addressed in a humane manner.
The Singareni Collieries Company Limited should remain under the direct control of Telangana government and all the shares held in it by the government of AP be transferred to Telangana government.
Assets of Telangana prior to Nov 1, 1956, both immovable and movable, should continue to vest with Telangana and these may not be taken into account as common assets to be distributed. Further, no demand for any share of Telangana revenue, including Hyderabads, to be shared with residuary AP should not be entertained.
The Government of India should relax the relevant rules of the All India Services cadre allocation and allow Telangana IAS, IPS and IFS officers working elsewhere in the country to come and work in Tealngana state, on their request, either on permanent cadre transfer or on long-term deputation. * In case of pensioners, government should review each and every case of the pensioner who is at present drawing pension from Telangana district treasuries and take appropriate decision based on nativity criteria.
Article 371D should continue with a textual amendment, adding the name of the new state to the Article.