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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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Greenpeace to release Solar Roof Top Report


The Statesman, New Delhi, July 14, 2013

In the backdrop of a persistent power crisis and raging coal scam, Greenpeace is set to release its assessment report on Solar Roof Top Report on 23 July 2013 about Delhi's sustainability on  Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO).

According to the organisation, When the report was submitted on  RPO framework of Delhi in May, it revealed that in its present framework has failed to deliver its mandate as the city has made a mockery of current framework. The Ministry of Power now wants to make it mandatory with a provision of penal measures to ensure the implementation of RPOs directive.

"Disappointingly, heavy energy consumer and a resourceful Union Territory like Delhi that could have set an example, is a straggler in terms of fulfilling its obligation," said a Green Peace official. He further added, despite a good potential for solar, the National Capital fared amongst the worst with not even one per cent achievement. Regulators failed to penalise or implement the directives of RPO in Delhi and in other key states like Maharashtra and Punjab, which fell short by about 50 per cent.  The report further recommends fiscal and policy measures to promote renewable energy projects over conventional electricity. To improve the share of renewable energy in electricity grid for its distribution and supply and fight the pricing perception barrier, higher amount of renewable energy should be taken on priority basis from renewable-rich states and open up proper inter-state transmission.

"We will pitch the Delhi Government after campaigning various places and sources and and report will be prepared on the mechanism involved in the renewable framework and wait for the initiative taken by them," added the official.

According to the NGO, Delhi is a rich state and it needs to take more responsibility on clean energy development to create space for poor states. "There is a perception block that renewable energy is costly and not viable and hence cannot power state's ambitions. To meet its growth objectives, provide energy to all and reduce energy inequity, The city needs to reform its energy sector and prioritise renewable,” added the official.