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| Last Updated:23/01/2020

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Officials must attend fly-ash hearing: Panel (Nov)

The Times of India, 1st November, 2013
NASHIK: The Green Tribunal, Pune, has asked government officials concerned to be present for the hearing of a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by the Flyash Manufacturers' Association for complying with the directions of the Environment and Forests on fly ash.
The PIL was admitted to the tribunal on October 28 and it was against municipal commissioner, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (Nashik Region), district collector, chief secretaries of urban and rural development and the Union government.
"As per the MOEF, 20%fly ash should be given free to the manufacturers by the small scale industries producing fly ash and the remaining should be sold. Since 2000, the manufacturers were not being given any fly ash and that is why we filed the PIL. Rather than using red bricks, only fly ash bricks should be used. They are more sturdy than the red bricks and can maintain the environmental balance," said one of the petitioners, Sunil Mendhekar.
The tribunal on Wednesday asked the officials to be present for the hearing on November 21.