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| Last Updated:25/03/2020

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Forum urges Guv to save Mahanadi, Hirakhud Dam

Pioneer, Sunday, New Delhi, 1st August, 2010
The Mahanadi Banchao Andolan (Save Mahanadi Movement) consisting of thousands of concerned citizens from divergent professional backgrounds on Saturday submitted a memorandum to Governor MC Bhandare urging him to initiate steps to save the Mahandai river and Hirakhud Dam to save the State from deadly socio-economic climatic catastrophe.
The forum in the memorandum stated Odisha’s culture; economy and life is greatly dependant on Mahanadi since ages and continues to be the same. With its imposing presence in 15 of the State’s 30 districts through its various tributaries and distributaries, at least two crore people benefit from irrigation and agriculture. Apart from maintaining a steady ground water level in areas of presence , the river contributes to various other economic activities.
Many of the State’s cities and towns like Bhhubaneswar, Cuttack, Sambalpur, Paradip, Jharsuguda and many others get their quota of water from this river or its tributaries. Besides, various canal irrigations systems like Jobra, Naraj, Birupa, Kendrapada- Pattamundai and Puri are some of the examples. But, unfortunately these canals are in bad shape.
At a time when there is not sufficient water for the farmers and people of the State, the Government’s decision to allow Mahandi waters for upcoming mega industries is absolutely irrational, mindless and shocking.
As if this was not enough the State Government recent commitment to Posco, Essar and Indian Oil Corporation allowing them permission to use water from Jobra barragwe would surely trigger massive water scarcity in the district of Cuttack, Jagatsinghpur , Kendrapada and Puri,said the forum.
Like Mahanadi which is being allowed by the Government to die the same complacency has gripped in the case of Hirakhud. The Forum has requested the Governor to constitute a Mahanadi Commission to conduct a detailed survey on the existing health of Mahanadi River and Hirakhud Dam.