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| Last Updated:25/03/2020

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 Pioneer, Delhi, Monday 21st April 2014 Animal rights group PETA, on Sunday, urged the Health Ministry to ban the sale and marketing of products that have been tested on animals in the country. This comes after their strong campaigning previously for a ban on testing of cosmetics and household products on animals.


In 2013, India became the first country in South Asia to ban the testing of cosmetics and its ingredients on animals, while it became the second country after Israel to ban animal testing for household products in January this year. “Now that the Bureau of Indian Standards committees, that determine what tests are required for cosmetics and household products, have removed animal tests from the relevant standards, there is no reason as to why they should be sold here,” Chaitanya Koduri, PETA India Science Policy Adviser, said. “Though the companies in India have been instructed to not practice this, but it doesn’t ensure that the consumers will not use the products which have been tested on animals. Hence, we have written to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to ban their sale in the country,” he added.


The Drugs Technical Advisory Board under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had also recommended earlier that there should be a ban on the import of cosmetics tested on animals. Such a move would place India in line with the European Union, which has banned the sale of all animal-tested cosmetics, and Israel, which has banned the sale of all cosmetics and household products that are tested on animals. Koduri said, “It will not only ensure that the consumers in India are not using such products but will also create pressure on other countries. For example, we import cosmetics from China which doesn’t have a ban on animal testing. If we ban the import of animal tested products, China will also be under pressure to adopt the same testing standards if they want to indulge in trade with India.”


Pioneer, Delhi, Monday 21st April 2014