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| Last Updated:12/09/2020

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Tiger cubs healthy, will be exhibited in 4 months

 Vandalur zoo now boasts of five tiger cubs, including three white tiger cubs, for the second consecutive time. In October 2012, the zoo recorded the birth of seven cubs, including four white tiger cubs, and in November 2012, three Royal Bengal Tiger cubs were born there. Zoo authorities said the new brood of Royal Bengal cubs were born to Namratha, a four-year-old white tigress, and Vijay, an 11-year-old Royal Bengal tiger, on March 23 this year. They said, initially, the mother was reluctant to take care of the newborns.


However, about 12 hours later, she turned into a caring parent. According to zoo authorities, the two Royal Bengal cubs are healthy. They are mostly feeding on mother’s milk, at present, and will be fed a diet comprising minced chicken and beef pieces, after a month. The Royal Bengal cubs and the white tiger cubs will be exhibited to the public after four months, by which time they will become healthier and grow larger in size.


Apart from the five cubs, the zoo houses a well-grown Royal Bengal cub that was abandoned by its mother in the Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve. Attempts by forest officials to reunite the cub with its mother proved futile as they could not locate the adult tiger. Following this, the cub was sent to Vandalur zoo. Now, it has acclimatised to the new environs in the zoo and is doing well, said zoo authorities.

Hindu, Delhi, Monday 12th May 2014