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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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‘Demand for water can be met if sewage is recycled’

The demand for water in the city can be met to a large extent if sewage is recycled, surface run-off water is stored in tanks, leakages in the water supply system are plugged and groundwater infiltration is improved, said K.C. Subhash Chandra, hydrogeologist. Speaking at a workshop organised by the Environment Support Group and People’s Campaign for Right to Water here on Wednesday, he said the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board’s (BWSSB) water supply system reaches around 63 lakh people in the city.


While addressing the deficiency in water supply, authorities concerned should also look towards recycling sewage. This would ensure enough water for around 12 lakh people, he said. Mr. Chandra said that of the two catchment areas in the city — Ponniyar and Arkavathy — the surface in the Ponniyar area is rocky and does not allow much infiltration of rainwater into the ground. “The solution is to store rainwater in tanks. The tanks in this area are large, but have to be cleared of silt to improve storage capacity,” he said.


He also said groundwater was being overexploited. Mr. Chandra said a study on the age of groundwater revealed that groundwater in the Hebbal area was around 4,000 years old, while in H.S.R. Layout it was around 50 years old. “If we continue to overexploit the resource, we may soon run out, as the infiltration of rainwater is just around six per cent,” he said. 

 Hindu, Delhi, 15th May 2014