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| Last Updated:22/04/2020

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A clean, green theme


The German based Sustainable Sanitation Alliance, while collaborating with the Indian Institute of Cartoonists chose cartoons as a medium to spread awareness on healthy sanitation by organising a contest with the theme, Breaking the Taboo about Toilet and Sanitation. The contest witnessed the participation of cartoonists from the world over, with over 90 entries from different countries.


The top 20 cartoons were selected out of which five were declared winners on World Water Day on March 22. Satiric yet simple, with depictions of rural as well as urban backgrounds, the cartoons are such that everyone can relate to them. While a few were abstract sketches, the pieces had short, succinct captions. But above all, the most important aspect was the thought provoking themes which boldly addressed issues such as open defecation and unsanitary disposal of waste.


The best of the entries, depicting and enunciating common notions of sanitation are now on display. V. G Narendra, the organiser of the exhibition said the Indian Institute of Cartoonists had requested the cartoons to be sent to the gallery for the benefit of the people. “There is a certain taboo people have about sanitation and toilets. We need to break out of that and spread awareness.” This is the Gallery’s 99th exhibition in its seven years of existence. With socio-political puns besides environment targeted tones,the cartoons are on display at the Midford House, off Trinity Circle till June 7.

 Hindu, Delhi, Monday 2nd June 2014