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| Last Updated:22/04/2020

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'India to provide a new vocabulary to the world in environment conservation'

 With the world celebrating environment day, India on Thursday pledged to take conservation efforts to higher level by proactively involving itself in global arena to save the "mother earth" and sought people's participation in bigger way to achieve this. It also said the country would provide a "new vocabulary to the world in environment conservation" as it was more conscious to its role. Setting the tone for his government's stand over the issue of environmental protection on the occasion of the World Environment Day, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, "Let's serve as trustees, where we utilize our natural resources for the present and at the same time ensure happiness of future generations".


He described the World Environment Day as a "day to bow to Mother Earth and to reaffirm our pledge to protect the Environment" and tweeted, "Along with government efforts, people's participation can make a big difference in creating a cleaner and greener planet". Though Modi's message was centered around domestic efforts while he was invoking India's cultural ethos to be in harmony with environment, the idea was further articulated in broader sense by the environment minister Prakash Javadekar who noted how the change in nomenclature of his ministry threw light on prime minister's vision to deal with the issue of climate change.


Referring to the change in the name of the ministry from 'ministry of environment and forests' (MoEF) to the 'ministry of environment, forests and climate change' (MoEFCC), Javadekar said, "The change was a deep thought initiative taking into account the contemporary trends related to issues pertaining to climate change". "India's rich heritage and positive thinking within the domain of environment will give a new vocabulary to the understanding of environmental issues", said the minister while addressing an official function on the occasion of the World Environment Day.


The change in narrative is seen as India's stand to 'project' its efforts to the global community more proactively now. India too had voluntarily pledged to reduce its carbon emission by 20 to 25%, over the 2005 levels, by the year 2020. But, it has been blamed for not doing enough to deal with the issue of greenhouse gas emission. Javadekar said India should not be portrayed as a "villian" in the debate on climate change but should instead provide new dimensions to the discourse. "The world has always provided a vocabulary (on climate change) and we have reacted. We will provide a new vocabulary to which the world will react and we will take the discourse to a new height because we bother about climate change.


We will work by keeping energy efficiency as the central theme." The message is now to tell the world by projecting its success in achieving the target of emission reduction and highlighting that the country has been doing its bit more actively. Javadekar also pitched for people's participation in his customary address, but could not spell out how he would do it. He emphasized on better interaction between his ministry and people and said "we will be meeting the public more often at different places". It is expected that the government's approach including country's low carbon inclusive growth strategy, energy efficiency measures and giving new impetus to green India mission projects to increase forest cover from existing 21% to 33% will be articulated by the President Pranab Mukherjee in his speech to the joint session of Parliament on June 9.


 Hindu, Delhi, 5th June 2014