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| Last Updated:05/04/2020

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Greenpeace denies IB report

 Rubbishes allegations that foreign-funded NGOs stall development Greenpeace India has rubbished allegations levelled by an Intelligence Bureau report submitted to the PMO which reportedly states that foreign funded NGOs (mainly Greenpeace) are stalling development. Responding to the reports Greenpeace noted that “a lot of facts are misrepresented; the intent of the campaigns are deliberately misunderst-ood and this is a conscious attempt to crush and stifle opposing voices in civil society.”


“Greenpeace India is an independent organisation, which campaigns for development that is sustainable and growth that is inclusive. How can this be a threat to national economic security? We are clearly a threat to powerful corporate interests that seek to bulldoze clearances at the cost of millions of people and the environment,” Abhishek Pratap of Greenpeace India said in a statement. He said Greenpeace India was funded by individual supporters. In 2013-2014, it raised around Rs. 20 crore from over 3 lakh individuals in India. “More than 60 per cent of our funds come from Indian supporters. Foreign grants form 37 per cent of our funds,” said Mr. Pratap.


 Hindu, Delhi, 13th June 2014