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| Last Updated:07/06/2020

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Shiva, rhino from Mumbai zoo, dies of cancer in Delhi





The Indian Express, New Delhi, 20th June, 2014

MUMBAI zoo’s lone rhinoceros Shiva — who was shifted last year to the Delhi zoo as part of a breeding programme — died early Wednesday. The rhinoceros was battling cancer and died of a secondary infection of organs caused by a tumour on his snout, zoo officials said.

“Shiva developed secondary complications, which led to failure of the liver and spleen. Cancer, along with old age, led to his death,” Dr N Panneerselvam, senior veterinarian, Delhi National Zoological Park, said.

Earlier this year, Shiva developed a chronic wound on his snout, which worsened as he kept rubbing the snout on the wall, the official said.

Vets said they had devised a special treatment to tackle the cancer. They collected tissue from the snout to perform a biopsy. “The biopsy report showed that the cancerous growth was spreading to the brain and had infected Shiva’s thigh, abdomen and neck,” the official said. Shiva was suffering from cancer for three years, before he was shifted to Delhi zoo. Vets had hoped that ‘advance therapy’ and ‘anti-cancer drugs’ would help tackle the cancer and hoped that antibiotics would cure the secondary infection, the official said.

Zoo authorities performed a post-mortem examination, which revealed that the tumour and the infected organs. Shiva was buried on the zoo premises, an official said.

Shiva was shifted to Delhi zoo last year for a breeding project but was found to be incompetent to mate, despite being given ‘energetic’ drugs, the official added.