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| Last Updated:22/04/2020

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Zoo to get rhino from Kanpur


Times of India, Delhi, 17th July 2014


Barely a month after 28-year-old one-horned rhinoceros Shiva died, Delhi zoo is all set to get another male rhinoceros for a breeding programme.

The zoo veterinary officer and two other staff members have left for Kanpur to select a healthy suitor for Anjuga (8), a female rhino in National Zoological Park. In exchange, they plan to send Maheshwari (15), another female rhino, to Kanpur. This time, the officials will ensure they select a young rhinoceros.

Shiva was brought from Mumbai's Byculla zoo last year so that he could mate with rhinos here. But the project never took off as Shiva's injuries did not heal. He had a habit of banging his snout on the walls of the enclosure which worsened his wounds.

On examining him, authorities found that Shiva was suffering from a cancerous growth that had even infected his brain. "We have been in touch with the Kanpur zoo for quite some time. They have four to five male rhinos and a female rhino. Our veterinary officer is there to select the right animal that can help breed rhinos here. We may get the male rhino in a week's time," said Riaz Khan, curator (education).

Meanwhile, population in Delhi zoo has gone up significantly with 95 new additions this year. Last year, the total number of animals was 1,256 but it has gone up to 1,351 this year, according to the annual inventory released by the zoo.

Different species of deer and birds have the highest population The zoo also has five Indian lions, five Royal Bengal tigers, two chimpanzees, among others.

Recently, the city zoo also released a list of 23 surplus animals that can be given to other zoos.The list includes Black Bucks, Brow Antlered Deer, Hog Deer, Red Jungle Fowl, Silver Pheasants, and hippopotamuses and many other animals.