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| Last Updated:29/05/2020

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Introducing Mysore’s very own rhinos

Hindu, Delhi, 23rd July 2014


After five days of journey from Patna, covering a distance of 2,200 km, a pair of Greater One-horned rhinoceros arrived here on Sunday night. Virat, weighing 1,360 kg and Bobbli, weighing 725 kgs, are exploring their new home at the Mysore zoo. Virat is three-years-old while Bobbli is a year old. The Mysore zoo is housing and displaying the one-horned rhinos after a gap of nearly a decade. In captivity, Indian rhinos can live up to 40 years. Both male and female mature early and start reproducing at the age of six and five respectively in captive conditions, according to zoo authorities.


Transport and logistics involved in getting the rhinos from Patna were spread over 13 days with a few hours of rest in between, said zoo executive director B.P. Ravi. “We appreciate the efforts of the assistant director and head of the zoo’s veterinary section, C. Suresh Kumar, Range Forest Officer and head of the animal section Girish and head of the general section S. Shivanna for planning and arranging the required crates. Zoo lovers will soon get to see the wonderful animals,” he said. Mr. Ravi, in a press release, thanked the Ministry of Environment and Forests, the Central Zoo Authority, the Zoo Authority of Karnataka and authorities of the Patna zoo. “We also thank Vasu, MLA, for his help in getting the final approval from the Ministry of Environment and Forests,” he said.