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| Last Updated:23/01/2020

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Black swans to grace Delhi zoo

Times of India, Delhi, 1st August 2014


Domestic birds housed at the National Zoological Park here have been shifted to an off-display area to make way for two pairs of black swans that have come all the way from the Mysore and Thiruvananthapuram zoos. The new entrants that are presently under quarantine at the zoo hospital are to be put on view for the public by next month. “The Delhi zoo has about 20-25 ducks which are domestic animals and as per the rules should not be housed or displayed in the zoo,’’ explained zoo veterinary doctor N. Panneerselvam.


The ducks thus have been removed from display and the area is “currently being spruced up with light brown coloured bamboo fencing which will merge beautifully with the riot of green and beautiful water path that we are cleaning up and creating for the birds. The swans then will be the first set of inmates to greet visitors to the zoo,” he added. The new entrants meanwhile are being kept under observation at the zoo hospital and their medical condition is being closely monitored. “The time lag before going on display also allows the swans to get used to varying temperature of a new place. The birds are adjusting well and are eating fine,’’ added Dr. Selvam.


While the zoo is preparing to welcome the swans, it is also working hard to allow only ‘quality visitors’ to the zoo. “The zoo was getting flooded with visitors who were coming in not to enjoy and educate themselves about wildlife but loiter around and become nuisance to others. There was a rise in the number of complaints about pick-pocketing and harassment which is why we decided to hike the entrance fee to Rs. 20 for adults (Indians) and Rs.10 for children (5 to 12 years old). Still photography is allowed for free while video is chargeable,’’ added Dr. Selvam.