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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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River interlinking won’t help: Patkar

Tribune, Delhi, 1st September, 2014


Medha Patkar, social-activist-turned politician, has claimed the interlinking of rivers was no solution to the water crisis being faced by several states. She said she was also not in favour of the Sutlej Yamuna Link Canal, a disputed project involving Punjab and Haryana. Patkar was here today to meet the local activists of various NGOs under a programme, “National Alliance of People's Movements”. She said the linking of rivers was “no mean project as it would severely affect human lives, the ecology and environment”. “It will prove very costly.


The politicians have been misleading the public on the linkage of rivers,” she said. About Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), she said the party leadership needed to work on various issues concerning the masses. "In the Lok Sabha elections, the Punjab people chose the party as an alternative to traditional outfits like the Congress and the Akali Dal. The AAP leaders need to keep up that momentum," she said. On drugs, Patkar said it was a major issue afflicting Punjab. "But Punjab is not the only state facing the menace. The situation is even worse in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Odisha. We will start a nationwide movement against drugs on October 2," she said.