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| Last Updated:12/09/2020

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Cases of Poaching Grossly Under - reported: Activists

The New Indian Express, Chennai, 5th September, 2014


CHENNAI: Conservationists are sore at tiger poaching remaining grossly under-reported in the country with most states yet to be well-equipped to tackle wildlife crimes. “There is an unabated demand for tiger skins, bones and body parts from China and the Far-east. But, most states do not have adequate intelligence gathering on wildlife crimes while most Sanctuaries and National Parks are not protected well enough. So, whatever statistics are available reflect only those instances of poaching that have come to light,” said Shekar Dattatri, Wildlife and Conservation Filmmaker.


Further, activists observe that law enforcers and the judiciary, handling poaching cases lack awareness on the seriousness of the issue and the importance of tiger conservation even as implementation, enforcement and prosecution are very poor despite the stringent wildlife laws.