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| Last Updated:29/05/2020

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NGO to move NGT on rejection of Gadgil report

Times of India, Goa, 29th August, 2014


Goa Foundation has decided to contest before the NGT a MoEF decision to reject the Madhav Gadgil report (Western ghats ecology expert panel report), on the Western ghats. Claude Alvares told TOI on Thursday that if Goa Foundation does not get a favourable ruling from the NGT, it will move the Supreme Court.


He said the Goa Foundation has told the NGT that it will not dispute the Kasturirangan report (High-Level Working Group report), but MoEF must explain what they will do about the ecologically sensitive areas as demarcated in the Madhav Gadgil report which are not in the Kasturirangan report. "Kasturirangan has only identified 37% of the ecologically sensitive areas," Alvares said.


In an affidavit filed before the National Green Tribunal on Wednesday, MoEF has submitted that it is examining the recommendations of K Kasturirangan-led panel and will not process the Gadgil report for further action. Alvares said it was very unfortunate that the MoEF had decided to go against world-class opinion given in the Madhav Gadgil report. "The Western ghats are one of the world's ecologically sensitive hotspots. This decision shows how the MoEF thinks about the Western ghats," Alvares said. He said the NGT has asked them to provide some information which they will do. "We are not allowing the Madhav Gadgil report to be jettisoned. We are insisting that the NGT give directions to the MoEF to specify what it will do in the areas demarcated in the Gadgil report. Or else, we will go to the Supreme Court," he said.