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| Last Updated:12/09/2020

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Ajmer tightens noose on illegal mining



The Times of India, Ajmer, 5th September, 2014


AJMER: The mining department in the last five months tightened the noose on illegal mining and registered 91 cases in Ajmer, Beawer and Sanwar blocks of the city and collected penalty amount of about Rs 39 lakh. Five FIRs were registered and five persons were arrested in the region for illegal mining.


Ajmer, one of the largest producers of quartz and feldspar, had several complaints of illegal mining especially in Pishangan and Arai blocks of the district. "There are still hyper regions of illegal mining where even police find it difficult to enter," sources said. There were cases in which the mines mafia was working openly on government land.


Sources further said the directorate of mines has created Ajmer as range office and provided officials and facilities to curb illegal mining. "In last five months, we worked all round to curb illegal mining in the region in which there were cases of using JCB and cranes," said Govardhan Ram, a mining engineer posted in Ajmer.


He said in Ajmer only 43 cases were registered by the department against illegal mining and more than Rs 13 lakh were collected as penalty. The Ajmer vigilance wing registered 9 cases and collected Rs 2 lakh as penalty. In Beawer, 27 cases were registered and about Rs 14 lakh were collected with filing of 3 FIRs. Moreover vehicles used in illegal mining were also seized. Beawer vigilance seized two vehicles and arrested five persons and collected penalty of about Rs 6 lakh. In Sawar, 4 vehicles were seized and collected about Rs 4 lakh as penalty.