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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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2 more Bengal tiger cubs die

The Asian Age, Indore, 8th September, 2014


Two more cubs, born after mating of a Bengal Tiger here here at the Kamla Nehru Zoo, died on Sunday, Zoo official said. Four cubs were born on September 5 by successful mating of a white tigress, called Shivani, and a Royal Bengal Tiger for the first time in any zoo of Madhya Pradesh. One of the cubs had died on the same day had died on the same day."

The tigress had lifted up the cubs by her mouth in a wrong manner and her tooth injured them, zoo incharge Dr Uttam Yadav, said. The fourth cub also suffered injury at the neck while the mother tried to lift the cub, Mr Yadav said, adding, the new born was shifted to veterinary hospital.