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| Last Updated:23/01/2020

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Hamirpur cops toughen mining mafia

Hindustan Times, Hamirpur, September 04, 2014


The Hamirpur police have gone tough on mining mafia extracting sand, gravels and khaddoo stones from the Beas river and other khads in the district. Police have challaned 234 people for violation the Mining Act and collected Rs. 12,88,700 as fine. Hamirpur district police chief Ajay Bodh said the main aim of police was to keep the environment safe and save the Beas and khads from the clutches of mining mafia. According to him, most of the violations were reported from the Sujanpur police station, followed by Nadaun and Hamirpur.


Under the Mining Act, no one was allowed to extract the material from a river or khads without obtaining permission from the mining inspector concerned,he said. Bodh appealed to people to help police in curbing the activities of mining and forest mafias to save the environment from degradation. The district police chief also called upon miners to obey the instructions and directions of the government and not to indulge anti-environment operations. He said people all over the country were suffering much due to illicit mining and loss to human lives everyday was the main cause of illegal mining activities which must be curbed earnestly.