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| Last Updated:22/04/2020

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Extinct birds rediscovered


Hindustan Times, New Delhi, 15th August, 2005


SCIENTISTS BEWARE: don counts your extinct bird species because one of them may hatch. Several supposedly extinct birds have recently been rediscovered; raising hopes that other not seen for ages may still be taking of the skies. The most recent reported rediscovery that has ornithologists in a flap was that of the ivory-billed woodpecker, believed extinct for 60 years. Some scientists have already questioned the authenticity of those sightings but the evidence presented in other cases has been beyond dispute. One of the most startling avain resurrections was the New Zealand storm petrol, which was positively sighted in 2003.


Believed by many to be extinct, it was previously only known from fossil material and three 19th century specimens. A group of bird watchers saw the black-and-white sea birds off New Zealand North Island in January 2003. Also in 2003, the long-legged warbler not seen by experts since 1894 was found alive in the mountains of Fiji. Last year, the rusty-throated wren-babbler-not seen for almost 60 years-was spotted in the Himalayas. Despite the new finds, BirdLife says the overall situation of the world birds is worsening. In a recent report, it said more than a fifth of the planet bird species faced extinction as humans ventured further into their habitats and introduced alien predators.